Hello from the Director

Director Sujit Dey

Hello from the Center for Wireless Communications at UC San Diego, home of the annual 5G Wireless Forum and the newly created Connected Health Workshop.

As wireless communications continue to grow and evolve, it is essential that our mission and membership at the CWC grow and evolve in parallel. It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce we have welcomed several new companies as our members in the past year, including Kaiser Permanente, KETI, Samsung Research America, Murata and Teradata Labs. These new partnerships have been carefully selected to reflect several growth areas in wireless applications, from traditional wireless companies to data analytics and healthcare. They, of course, enjoy the many membership benefits that the CWC offers, from our semi-annual research reviews to relationship-building with faculty and students at UC San Diego as well as industry peers.

As we move forward in partnership with the leadership of our member base, we will continue to explore how we can preserve, nurture and expand our core strengths in circuits, signal processing, networking and multimedia research. In the meantime, we will also contemplate ways to leverage those strengths into the new exciting directions of Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Connected Health.

Connected Health, in fact, was the focus of our first-ever CWC workshop on the topic held this past May at UC San Diego. The workshop, which preceded our annual 5G Forum, brought together healthcare technology companies and healthcare providers, who proved to be  not only aware that 5G’s arrival is imminent but also eager to embrace its vast potential for improving patient care. Technology providers, for their part, can anticipate the growth of very significant economies of scale in healthcare as well as in smart manufacturing -- two sectors that are banking on 5G to deliver.

The Smart City Hackathon -- a collaboration between the CWC, the City of San Diego and Silent Intelligence -- also demonstrated the ways wireless communications and 5G can transform climate-related data into solutions cities can implement in support of their ambitious Climate Action Plans. The City of San Diego provided to participants in the competition a total of 500 datasets -- some of them never before released -- and participants were then charged with tackling some of the city’s most pressing climate-related needs. Wireless systems, sensors and data analytics factored prominently among the winning submissions, and the lessons learned also provide direction for CWC’s Smart City Innovation Program efforts going forward. ​

The value of the Connected Health Workshop, the Smart City Hackathon, the 5G Forum and our research reviews cannot be overstated. As researchers and developers become increasingly specialized, the need to step back and take a wider perspective becomes increasingly critical. Industrial input is of paramount importance for translating this newfound perspective into ground-breaking, industrially relevant wireless communications technologies.

Our role at the CWC is to provide a cost-effective and expeditious means for connecting our industry partners with equally talented collaborators in academia, and to develop and fund cutting edge research projects based on their mutual interests. Our international prominence is a testament to our success in recruiting the best people to tackle the biggest problems in wireless communications and provide the world with the kinds of bold, life-changing experiences we could never before imagine.

-- Sujit Dey

Director, CWC