Nola Masterson

Managing Director, Science Futures Management

Nola Masterson works with BoardWise clients on governance practices and coaches directors and aspirational directors. She is an experienced global executive and board leader serving on public company, venture-backed private company and non- profit organization boards. Her successful business experience, as CEO and co- founder of Sequenom, (SQNM) and the first analyst in biotechnology on Wall Street with Drexel Burnham Lambert and Merrill Lynch, followed successful business building at Millipore for eight years. She has experience in managing her own venture fund, as well as being a Venture Partner in a major European IT and life sciences venture fund, TVM Capital. During her 10 years on the Repros Therapeutics (RPRX) Board she has advised the CEO on strategy, finance, operations, and recruitment of the board. Areas of expertise include medical device, pharmaceuticals, scientific tools, separation processes and diagnostics technology as well as genetic analysis.

One strength she brings is her understanding, at several levels, of the “DNA” that makes a great company. Her leadership style is as a synthesizer, to create a professional Board environment that is aligned with, and which contributes to the success of, companies at every stage in their development.

Ms. Masterson has been certified by the American College of Corporate Directors for 2014 as a Certified Professional Director, and is listed in the Capital Registry of Corporate Directors. She has solid experience in board position recruitment and transition processes, in building productive board cultures and aligning these with CEOs and senior executive accountabilities.

Ms. Masterson started her own venture fund in 1998.As a venture investor, she served on the Board of EpiCept Corporation, which was focused on vascular disruptive agents, while it was a private company,and on the Board of Nanostream, Inc., a venture-backed company focused on assay detection, liquid chromatography, and sample preparation. She served on the Board of Omicia, Inc, and a genomics translation company for 7 years. Her experience as CEO of Sequenom helped her understand NGS, and the software needed to support its translation to medicine.

She currently is the Managing Director of Science Futures Management Company and works as an advisor, board member and investor. She is Chair of the Board of Repros Therapeutics and serves as Chair of the Compensation Committee of the company and sits on the Audit Committee. She also serves on the Board of in Chicago; Zivo Biosciences, a public company headquartered in Detroit MI. She also has served on the Board of Generex Biotechnology Corporation, a Toronto, Canada-based publically traded (NASDAQ: GNBT) company focused on the development of drug delivery systems and antigen technologies, and served on the Audit, and Compensation Committee and Chaired the Nomination And Governance Committee of the Generex Board. She is a special advisor to several private companies and is Chair Emeritus of the BayBio Institute, a best-practices and workforce development arm of the Northern California life sciences industry association. Currently she is an Adjunct Professor at University of San Francisco in the School of Business Management, teaching the Business of Biotech. She lectures and writes for the Life Science Foundation.

Ms. Masterson also serves as Chair on the Silicon Valley Chapter Board of the American Diabetes Association.