Technology Showcase



Speech Denoiser: Real Time End to End System

Igor Fedorov, Ritwik Giri, Alican Nalci, Nasim Radmanesh, Chinghua Lee, Harinath Garudadri, Bhaskar D. Rao, Truong Nguyen

Interacting with the Virtual World Through the Oculus

Igor Fedorov, Wei Wei, Kunyao Chen, Truong Nguyen

Avatar Based Physical Therapy Monitoring and Guidance System

Wenchuan Wei, Yao Lu, Catherine D. Printz, Sujit Dey


Enable Cloud Mobile Virtual Rality Applications Over Wireless Networks

Jason Lu, Sujit Dey

Wireless Power Transfer with Concurrent 200 kHz and 6.78 MHz Operation in a Single Transmitter Device

Dukju Ahn, Jiwoong Park, Patrick P. Mercier

Poster Presentations


Concentration of Learning Rate in Social Learning

Anusha Lalitha, Tara Javidi, and Anand Sarwate

A 1.65 mW PLL-free PSK Receiver Employing Super-Regenerative Phase Sampling

Dhon-Gue Lee, Patrick Mercier


Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for Multi-User MIMO Systems

Elina Nayebi, Bhaskar Rao


Delay Control And Starvation Prevention For Opportunistic Scheduling Policies

PhuongBang Nguyen, Bhaskar Rao


Single Underwater Image Enhancement Using Depth Estimation Based on Blurriness

Yan-Tsung Peng, Xiangyun Zhao, Pamela Cosman


Disruptive Attacks on Video Tactical Cognitive Radio Networks

Madushanka Soysa, Pamela Cosman, Laurence Milstein

High Power Multigate-Cell CMOS Power Amplifiers at 15 GHz and 28 GHz for 5G Applications

Narek Rostomyan, Jefy Jayamon, James Buckwalter, Peter Asbeck


A Millimeter-Wave (E-band, 75 GHz) PMOS Power Amplifier

Jefy Alex Jayamon, James Buckwalter, Peter Asbeck


High-Power, High-Efficiency Digital Polar Doherty Power Amplifier for Cellular Applications in SOI CMOS

Varish Diddi, Hamed Gheidi, James Buckwalter, Peter Asbeck

A 94 GHz, Wide-Band, High Spectral Efficiency Spatially Power-Combined Millimeter-Wave Transmitter Using Digital Pre-Distortion

Po-Yi Wu, Jefy Alex Jayamon, Youjiang Liu, James Buckwalter, Peter Asbeck

Sliding-Window Coded Modulation: Interference Management at High Rate and Low Complexity

Lele Wang, Young-Han Kim


Low-Cost SiGe Phased-Arrays for 5G Communication Systems

Samet Zihir, Ozan Gurbuz, Gabriel Rebeiz

CARMEN: A Cognitive Networking Testbed on Android OS Devices

Matteo Danieletto, Giorgio Quer, Ramesh R. Rao, Michele Zorzi

Renewable Energy-Aware Video Download in Cellular Networks

Po-Han Chiang, Ranjini Guruprasad, Sujit Dey


A Multitechnique Reconfigurable Electrochemical Biosensor for Integration into Mobile Technologies

Alexander Sun, Travis Wambach, A. G. Venkatesh, Drew A. Hall

Beyond Semantic Image Segmentation: Exploring Efficient Inference in Video

Subarna Tripathi, Serge Belongie, Truong Nguyen

Three Stories on a Two-sided Coin: Index Coding, Locally Recoverable Distributed Storage, and Guessing Games on Graphs

Fatemeh Arbabjolfaei, Young-Han Kim