Strategic Partners

CWC Strategic Partnership Program Member

Companies whose primary products and services are in areas of particular strategic value to CWC, like multimedia, IoT, transportation, health, energy, security, etc., and mobile network operators. 

Annual membership fee:

$30k; $10k for start-ups (less than 5 years after incorporation, and less than $1M annual revenue)


  • Appointment of company representative as an Observer to the CWC Board of Directors; the Observer can participate in all CWC Board meetings, but does not have voting rights
  • Participation in research reviews conducted twice a year reporting on all CWC projects
  • Speaker and panelist participation in CWC events, including highly visible workshops and forums
  • Free registration of up to 2 company employees at CWC events and dinners
  • Access to all CWC project publications; and presentations, live webcasts and recorded videos of all CWC events
  • Host one company employee annually with the title of “Visiting Scholar” to conduct research and development in collaboration with CWC faculty  (at an additional fee)
  • Preferred access to CWC graduate students for internships and employments
  • A Strategic Partnership Member can support with additional funds one or more CWC projects customized to the Member’s interest, and can enjoy IP rights for IPs from those specific projects