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Welcome to the Center for Wireless Communications at the University of California, San Diego. CWC was established in 1995 and rapidly became a leader in wireless communications research. With its preeminent faculty and high caliber graduate students, CWC partners with companies to address the emerging needs of the wireless communications industry. CWC faculty and students engage in a broad range of research areas ranging from wireless applications, to networking, digital communication systems and high-speed integrated circuits.


Broadband Ultra Low-Noise Superconductor/Semiconductor Interfaces for Quantum Systems

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Prof. Joseph Bardin

Host: Prof. James Buckwalter

In a number of critical scientific fields, the highest performance instrumentation exploits superconducting electronics to achieve unprecedented performance. For example, the microwave approach to quantum computing requires making return loss measurements at X-band with as few as five photons in the reflected signal. This in turn requires amplifiers with noise performance approaching the vacuum fluctuation limit, TQ = hf/2k ≈ 0.2 K. Such noise performance can only be achieved using superconducting parametric amplifiers—all demonstrated semiconductor devices have exhibited fundamental performance limits at least one order of magnitude above this limit, even when cooled to cryogenic temperatures. Recent progress in superconducting devices has created a growing interest in implementing highly scaled systems with applications including free space optical communications, radio astronomy, and quantum computing. Such systems will require high-performance semiconductor interface circuitry [More...]

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UC Discovery Grants were recently awarded to five CWC research projects. Facing stiff competition, five teams of UCSD CWC researchers secured significant state funding by the UC Discovery Grant program to match investments from CWC member companies.