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Welcome to the Center for Wireless Communications
at the University of California, San Diego

CWC was established in 1995 and rapidly became a leader in wireless communications research. With its preeminent faculty and high caliber graduate students, CWC partners with companies to address the emerging needs of the wireless communications industry. CWC faculty and students engage in a broad range of research areas ranging from wireless applications, to networking, digital communication systems and high-speed integrated circuits.

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May 2015 5G Forum

November 2014 5G Forum

Click to read The Promise and the Potential of a New User Experience, an article summarizing the CWC 5G Wireless Forum from last November at UC San Diego.


5G Forum

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Host: CWC

The May 5G Forum will discuss 5G application drivers like mobile health, IoT, and multimedia, and explore challenges and opportunities in mobile analytics and security, besides looking into new radio and network architectures. The Forum will investigate what new applications and user experiences can be enabled by 5G, what requirements need to be met by 5G networks and devices, and how new innovations in 5G networks, analytics, and circuits can satisfy these requirements. Like in our November 2014 5G Forum, we will have industry leaders and experts from different industry segments, together with experts from academia, participate as speakers and panelists. We expect the audience to consist of faculty, students, and members from various industry segments. We hope the talks and panel discussions will help stimulate dialogues between application innovators and 5G technology enablers, and help shape future CWC projects and innovations in 5G.

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5G Wireless Forum: The Promise and the Peril of Future Wireless Systems
San Diego, Calif., May 27, 2015, The format for the recent 5G Forum on Next-Generation Wireless Systems and Applications, held at the University of California, San Diego, was a reflection of the two poles, the promise and the peril, that define the future of wireless technology.More

ECE Faculty Lead Technology Transfer from Research to Industry.
Four engineering faculty members with technology transfer success stories discussed the challenges of the commercialization process during a March 14 dinner celebrating the 10th anniversary of the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement. More

UC Discovery Grants were recently awarded to five CWC research projects. Facing stiff competition, five teams of UCSD CWC researchers secured significant state funding by the UC Discovery Grant program to match investments from CWC member companies.