The Industry Participants Program is Designed to Provide Benefits to Our Member Companies

The center carries out its research program via many multidisciplinary projects. Each addresses a specific research issue from the many relevant technical aspects. We seek company input on the selection and prioritization of these projects, and we only pursue research that is of interest to our member companies. This company input assures that the research is responsive to company interests and also assures that the research focus of our CWC graduate student's research is industry relevant, cutting edge and high impact.

In May and November of each year we conduct research reviews on all of our projects. Member companies are invited to send their engineers and managers to participate. The lead professor on each project presents the overview and each Ph.D. student researcher or Post Doctoral researcher presents their research plans and progress. These reviews have proven to be a very effective way to communicate with member companies on ongoing research progress.

We maintain a convenient website for member companies where they can access the presentation materials and videos of all semi-annual research reviews; the research publications by all CWC professors and graduate students; and the annual progress reports on all CWC research projects.

Companies establish a relationship with CWC professors when they join the Center. This connection can be used by member companies to communicate with faculty as needed, network with other member companies, and meet potential future employees. Our CWC professors do respond to member companies to answer questions and interact on technical issues.

Member companies can send employees to participate in Center research programs. These visitors typically are in residence for one year. Their research is supervised by a CWC professor and they are fully integrated into a research team. On top of that at least once a year, a minimum of one CWC faculty member visits each member company, and conducts a seminar summarizing recent wireless research activities. (Additional seminars can be arranged based on company interest.) The CWC also prepares a written progress reports annually on each research project. Each participating professor and student researcher contributes to these reports. Lastly, through their involvement in Center activities, participating companies enjoy wide exposure to our students. This exposure stems from direct contact at semi-annual research reviews and other events, and through summer internships. These students are trained to be the next-generation of leaders in the wireless communications industry.