2018 Research Review


Atkinson Hall



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Time Description Who
8:00am - 8:45am Breakfast  
8:45am - 9:00am Welcoming Remarks Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications
Truong Nguyen, Chair, ECE
9:00 am - 10:30 am Session 1 - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles  

Smart and Collaborative Vehicles and Streets for Assisted and Autonomous Driving

Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications


Collaboratively Understanding of Road Condition from Car-Mounted Camera

Truong Nguyen, Chair, ECE

Cooperative Sensing and Perception Using Unsupervised Learning

Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor

Massive MIMO: Channel Modeling and Mobility

Bhaskar Rao, Professor
             An Experimental Testbed for 5G Connected Vehicles

Xinyu Zhang, Associate Professor

10:30am - 10:50am BREAK  
10:50am - 12:00 pm

Session 2 - Student Lightening Talks and Technology Showcase

12:00pm - 12:45pm LUNCH  
12:45pm - 2:15pm Session 3: Circuits and Techniques for 5G Mobile Communications and Low Power Sensors  

 A 600 MS/s DAC with over 86dB SFDR and 77dB SNDR Enabled by Mismatch Noise Cancellation

Ian Galton, Professor

Enabling Circuits for Smart and Connected Medical Devices

Drew Hall, Associate Professor

Low-power RF Circuits for Wearable and IoT Devices

Patrick Mercier, Associate Professor

Advances in Phased-Arrays for 5G Applications

Gabriel Rebeiz, Professor

Progress in Power Amplifiers for 5G

Peter Asbeck, Professor
2:15pm - 2:30pm Recognition of CWC Faculty and Student Achievements  
2:30pm - 3:00pm

Session 4: The 5G Journey:  Panel Discussion moderated by Ricardo Tavares, CEO, Techpolis

John Smee, Vice President Engineering, Qualcomm
Mark Pierpoint, President, Ixia Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies
Neel Sen, Strategic Technology Partnerships, Verizon Wireless
3:00pm - 3:15pm  BREAK  
3:15pm - 4:00pm Session 5:  5G and Beyond: New Applications and Techniques  

Predictive and Personalized Health Care Analytics using Internet-of-Medical-Things

Predictive Adaptive Streaming to Enable Mobile 360-degree and VR Experiences

Sujit Dey, Director, Center for Wireless Communications

Monte Carlo Decoding for Error Correcting Codes

Young-Han Kim, Professor
4:15pm - 4:30pm BREAK  
4:30pm - 5:30pm Board of Directors Meeting
(Invited CWC member companies and CWC faculty only)



Please check often for updates.

Authors Research Topic
Ish Kumar Jain, Arunkumar Ravichandran, Dinesh Bharadia Facilitating Low Latency and Reliable VR over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Nadim Ghaddar, Laurence B. Milstein, Liangping Ma, Byung K. Yi, Young-Han Kim Joint Channel Estimation and Error Correction for Finite-State Markov Channels Using Polar Codes
Omid Ghadami, Xiahan Zhou, Haowei Jiang, Drew, A. Hall Injectable Sensors for Continuous Health Monitoring
Pinar Sen, Sung Hoon Lim, Young-Han Kim On the Optimal Performance of Marton Coding for Broadcast Channels
Shouvik Ganguly, Jongha Ryu, Young-Han Kim Consistent Density Functional Estimators Using k Nearest Neighbors
Shouvik Ganguly, Young-Han Kim Capacity bounds and coding schemes for Cloud Radio Access Networks
Yeswanth Reddy Guddeti, Dinesh Bharadia Sweep Sense : Sensing 5 Ghz in 5 millisecond using low-cost SDRs