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Authors Research Topic
Xueshi Hou, Jianzhong Zhang, Madhukar Budagavi, Sujit Dey Enable Mobile 6DoF Experiences Through Head and Body Motion Prediction
Ish Jain, Tejas Sadarahalli, Dinesh Bharadia Facilitating Reliable mmWave Link using Multi-Beam Tracking
Kun Qian, Xinyu Zhang Zero-Effort Cross-Domain Gesture Recognition with WiFi
Aditya Sant, Bhaskar D. Rao DOA Estimation in Systems with Non-Linearities for mmWave
Rohan R. Pote, Bhaskar D. Rao On Sparse Array Geometry: Applications to mmWave Channel Estimation
Mohammad Ali Mansourian, Julian Warchall, Louois Pisha, Sean Hamilton, Harinath Garudadri, Patrick P. Mercier A Rugged Wearable ExG System Based on FM-FDM
Tim Woodford, Xinyu Zhang Dynamic Configuration of mmWave Integrated Backhaul Networks
Omid Ghadami, Drew A. Hall In-Vivo Wireless Sensor Nodes
Jingqi Huang, Song Wang, Xinyu Zhang Approximating Omni-Directional mmWave Coverage Using an Array of Phased-Arrays
Yujen Ku, Sujit Dey Sustainable Vehicular Edge Computing Using Local and Solar-Powered Roadside Unit Resources
Kshitiz Bansal, Dinesh Bharadia, Pointillism: 3D Bounding Box Estimating on Multi-Radar Point Clouds
Somok Modal, Drew Hall Low Power Short Range Transmitter for MedRadio Applications
Junkang Zhang, Cheolhang An, Ji Dai, Manuel Amador, Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, Shyamanga Boroohah, William R. Freeman Joint Vessel Segmentation and Deformable Registration pm Multi-Modal Retinal Images based on Style Transfer
Sravya Alluri, Bagher Rabet, Narek Rostomyan, Vincent Leung, Peter Asbeck Adaptive Bias Circuits to Improve the Linearity of mm-Wave Power Amplifiers
Aditya Arun, Roshan Ayyalasomayajula, Chenfeng Wu, Sanatan Sharma, Abhishek Sethi, Deepak Vasisht, Dinesh Bharadia Towards Context-assisted Indoor Navigation
Raghav Vaidyanathan Subbaraman, Yeswanth Guddeti, Dinesh Bharadia SweepSense: Sensing 5 GHz in 5 Ms Using Low-cost Radios
Tom Phelps, Sultan Alqarni, Yusheng Yin, Gabriel Rebeiz UaV Detection using 5G 26 GHz Phased-Arrays for 5G Carrier
Yusheng Yin, Gabriel Rebeiz Wideband 25-29 GHz Phased-Arrays for 5G Carrier Aggregation
Zhe Zhang, Gabriel Rebeiz 256-Element Base-Station Arrays with 256-QAM Modulations and 3% EVM
Jared Leitner, Po-Han Chiang, Sujit Dey Personalized Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmography Wavelet Decomposition