Runfa Li picture
Graduate Researcher


Runfa Li received his MS degree in March 2021 in Signal and Image Processing from UC San Diego. Currently, Runfa is working as a graduate researcher in UCSD Video Processing Lab under Prof.Truong Nguyen's supervision, researching in 3D computer vision for autonomous driving.  In June 2021, Runfa began an internship at Qualcomm as a computer vision/machine learning research engineer where he was working on 3D reconstruction on body/hand modeling and tracking. Following his internship, Runfa plans to explore PhD opportunities in computer vision/graphics and image processing.

Runfa's researches are focused on computer vision in depth estimation, 3D reconstruction, 2D/3D detection tracking and trajectory prediction, visual odometry, 2D/3D optical/scene flow estimation and motion planning, specifically on the application of smart transportation/autonomous driving and body/hand pose analysis.