Personalized Mental Wellness Platform for Clinicians during COVID-19

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020

A group of UCSD researchers and engineers have teamed to help address the mental well being of overloaded and stressed clinicians in the current pandemic.  The team of Asst Professor Jyoti Mishra (Psychiatry),  Associate Clinical Professor Steve Koh (Psychiatry), Asst Professor Dhakshi Ramanathan (Psychiatry) and Professor Sujit Dey (Elec & Computer Eng) have been awarded a GEM Rapid Response Seed Grant by IEM for their ongoing work in developing a smartphone app to track clinician health data and mood assessments.  Together, implementing personalized statistics and machine learning models can help monitor a large number of clinicians and potentially assist those in need before a point of crises is reached.  To learn more about this this research follow these links:

NEATLabsUCSD Community Psychiatry &

UCSD Connected Health