Professor Gabriel Rebeiz and Student Hasan Al-Rubaye Win Best Paper Award

Thursday, Nov 1, 2018

In October 2018, they won the Best Student Paper Award at the combined BCTM (Bipolar Circuits Technology Meeting)/CSICS (Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Conference) for their work on a “A DC-60 GHz I/Q Modulator in 45 nm SOI CMOS for Ultra-Wideband 5G Radios (achieving 200 Gbps links).

Paper Summary: The continuing proliferation of wireless electronic devices, coupled with the promise of fifth generation mobile networks (5G) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) scale connectivity, will demand innovative design techniques and solutions on all network and device layers for both wireless and optical systems. Broadband and software-defined connectivity is at the forefront of research efforts to address these new challenges. The work presented in this paper explores the limits of current CMOS technology with the goal of achieving a true DC-100 GHz software-defined transmitter front-end, and with the maximum achievable instantaneous bandwidth. This paper presents a DC-60 GHz I/Q modulator/transmitter chip in 45 nm SOI CMOS, that can serve as a critical building block for next generation multi-standard and high-capacity wireless backhaul links.